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August 27th, 2016 by admin

The National Football League officially licenses three kinds of jerseys for fans to purchase: replica, premier and authentic. NFL authentic jerseys are made to the specifications of those worn on the field by NFL players. Since NFL players wear padding and other equipment under their jerseys, the authentic jerseys made available to fans are not exact replicas. They are, however, made with the same quality specifications and design techniques as actual player jerseys.

Choose the vendor you which to purchase your jersey from. NFL authentic jerseys are available through multiple online vendors and retail locations. To ensure authenticity, quality and appropriate sizing, NFL Shop – the league’s official online retailer – is widely considered as the premier online location to purchase NFL authentic jerseys. Sizes are uniform and do not vary from team to team. Women’s sizes differ from men’s sizes.

Take your measurements. Measure your chest size with a fabric tape measure under the armpits, around the fullest part of your chest. Acquire your body length by measuring a straight line from the bottom of your neck to where you want the garment to fall on your waist.

Based on your measurements, determine your optimal jersey size using the chart below for men’s sizes:

Small jersey: Chest 45″ (Length: 41)

Medium: Chest 47″ (Length: 32)

Large: Chest 49″ (Length: 33)

X-Large: Chest 51″ (Length: 34)

XX-Large: Chest 53″ (Length: 35)

3X-Large: Chest 57″ (Length: 36)

4X-Large: Chest 61″ (Length: 37)

5X-Large: Chest 65″ (Length: 39)

Since this chart is based on body measurements, not clothing measurements, choose an approximate size up from your actual measurement for a looser fitting jersey and a size down for a closer fit.

For women’s jersey sizes, use this chart:

Women’s size 2-4: Small jersey

Size 6-8: Medium

Size 10-12: Large

Size: 14-6: X-Large

Size: 18-20: 2X-Large

Size: 22-24: 3X-Large

Size: 24-26: 4X-Large

According to, women’s jerseys have a slender cut. Order one size up if you like to wear your jersey loose.


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